Ceiling Fan Air Filters
Use your ceiling fan to reduce dust in your home

Our #1 selling product

Removes dust, dirt , and other
allergy causing agents.

One set lasts for up to 3 months.

Works while operating your
ceiling fan; no extra work for you.

Installs in seconds.
Breathe Clean Air in your home and at work with Ceiling Fan
Air Filters from BioStrike.  They attach on opposite blades of
your ceiling fan and remove airborne dust, pollen, allergens,
animal hair and other contaminates that circulate in the air as
the ceiling fan operates.

Ceiling Fan Air Filters are specially treated to entrap allergens
and other contaminates that ride along with dust and dirt to
help keep your home healthier and safer.

Effective for 3 months depending upon the environment
Ceiling Fan Filter
6 pack Ceiling Fan Filters
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